Welcome to Gilgal!


Gilgal is a place for circumcision of the heart, a gathering place for the company of men like Joshua and Caleb to put a stamp on their commitment. Here in Gilgal, the first establishment across Jordan, circumcised men pitched camp. The place from where they marched on Jericho, a place from which to begin to possess the land. So it was that here in Gilgal the “manna” from heaven ceased to fall and they began to eat of the fruit of the land. Was this not precisely to do with the fact that in this place they took the first Passover in the Promised Land.

When you come to Gilgal it is to finally leave the world behind and pledge your head to Heaven. God said, “You will call this place Gilgal (which means ‘wheel’ or ‘to roll’) for this day I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you”. This is a place to come to end friendship with the world once and for all, to let God roll away the reproach of the flesh and to enter into the land of His eternal blessing. To be, from here on, a Kingdom man.

It was in this place called Gilgal, that Elijah and Elisha had their schools for the true prophets of the day. The base camp for the first attacks on the surrounding heathen became the base for spiritual attack on the enemy without and within, into the future. [V.E.H.]